I never finished animal farm, BUT I did have time to write. So here is a little more of the book…


The next time I saw Maddie was at the local park a couple of weeks later. I usually went there to clear my head after school. Sometimes, I would bring food to feed the ducks, or I would sit on the bench that overlooked the pond.

                That day however Maddie was sitting on that particular bench. I could see that she had been crying as her makeup was smudged and her eyes were all red. As soon as she saw me, she began to wipe her tears hastily.

                “Excuse me, is it ok if I sit here?” I asked politely.


                I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I just felt sorry for her. Whatever it was that caused me to sit down next to her, even though my reputation was on the line, I did. I grew bored after a while and took out a ham and cheese sandwich. I then heard her stomach grumbled really noisily and I turned to see her face look and my sandwich hungrily. In that split second we looked at each other burst into laughter causing the nearby ducks to flap their wings in alarm.

                “So, you hungry?” I joked.

                “A little,” she said humorously.

She sniffled loudly as her nose became runny from the cold. A few moments passed in silence, the only noise being the trickle of water from the pond and the quacking of ducks.

                 “Here, have a tissue.” I said, as I took out a packet of tissues form my purse.

                “Thanks.” She said gratefully as she daintily dabbed her eyes.

                “I’m Rainie by the way,” I said politely.

                “Madeline, but I prefer Maddie,” She replied.

                “Do you live around here? I’ve never seen you around school before.”

                “I’m homeschooled, stuff happened last year which I really don’t want to talk about, so I decided not to face high school.”

                “Aw, that sounds horrible.”

                “Not really, it’s better than being bullied around by Aria Paloni. I would hate to be her enemy.”

                “Aria bullied you? I find that hard to believe.”

                “Aria is an evil, cruel, liar who manipulates people to like her and then she ruins them. You’re the new kid right? First she will pretend to be your friend and lure you in to her evil group of minions and then she will rip your happiness from you piece by piece. Anyway, I got to go Rainie, it was nice meeting you.” She said bluntly. She rose from her seat and left.


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                I remember the first day I met Maddie, I think it was at a friend’s party about a year ago. I remember being bored as there was nothing fun to do. I just sat there, alone whilst my friends partied the night away.

                 Then I saw Maddie. Gosh, never had I seen someone so beautiful. She had long, curly, dark, brown hair that cascaded down to her hips, her eyes were a dark chocolate brown and her lips were plump and rosy and she was glowing. I was mesmerized.

                It was then that I had noticed that the room was very quiet; the only sound was the thumping of the music. Everyone was staring at her emotionlessly. She apprehensively walked into the room, I could see that tiny beads of sweat were beginning to appear on her forehead, I could hear her heavy and irregular breathing, and I could hear people begin to whisper words that I am ashamed to say out loud. Finally she stopped, facing Aria.

                “Happy Birthday Aria,” she mumbled meekly and gave her a tiny, little, silver box which was tied neatly in a bow. There was an awkward moment of silence.

                “I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN,” Aria screamed, there was a deafening crack as Maddie was slapped across the face. A shocked silence was then followed by another as Maddie slapped Aria back and ran out the door, crying.

                Everyone rushed to Aria as she heaved herself onto a chair, dumbfounded by what had just happened.

                “Are you ok?” someone asked.

                “Do you want some ice?” another questioned.

                “No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about me. She got what she deserved.”

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Update :)

I finally received the book today! I will try reading it as soon as possible; it will take me about a week. Recently my workload has expanded so it will be harder for me to stay on task. I thought to myself today that I would write about something, but I had no idea what I should say. I am attempting, (emphasis on attempting ) to write a book. I thought you would like a sneak preview of my skills. Writing is fun to me, I probably will not take it as a career but any constructive criticism would be appreciated 🙂

My name is Madeline Rose Johnson; most of my friends call me Maddie. It’s funny how a name can be everything and yet nothing at the same time. To me, my name means nothing. Sure I used to respond to it and use it for documents and what not. To others, my name defined me and my choices that I have made.

                You see, I once made a bad mistake, a REALLY bad mistake. I was young and innocent, who was I to know the difference between right and wrong. I am sorry, really sorry for what I did; I realize that now it’s too late.

I’ll miss you all, especially you Ray, you were so nice to me, so… sweet. I think you were my only true friend. I do not regret what I did, but I hope one day, we will meet again. Goodbye.

I read the note slowly, devouring its content. I felt a tear trickle down my skin and watched as it splashed onto the moist paper. I sighed heavily as I angrily wiped my tears away.

                “Is that all?” I shakily asked the detective who was silently waiting for me to speak, a notebook and pencil ready in his hand.

                “Yes, that is all we could find. I am so sorry.”

                “So am I.”

So, did you like it? BE HONEST PLEASE!!!!  🙂

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Animal Farm

So, it seems that I have another book to read. 🙂 It was recommended by someone who recommended it highly. I suppose that I shall read this book for two reasons: one is that this book is very short and according to my source, a very good read and secondly, it will help me understand politics. I have tried to watch those infamous Presidential Debates and after 10 mins I get really bored. So, in order for me to understand why politics is such a big deal, I will read this book religiously. The book is: Animal Farm by George Orwell. Since this story is related to animals, I thought, why not find out what the general public likes.

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The Memphisto Club book review

Sooo here it is, my book review! Dun, DUN, DUN!!!! I have so much to say about it. Firstly, did I like the book? No. Well, did I hate it? No. Was I feeling Meh about the book? No. I thought it was fantasticallyamazingsupercoolio. There, I just created a new word. Jealous? I think so…

So you may want to know why I reveled in this books magical glory. Well, first of all there was ALOT of talk about demons and evil beings. I find the idea of a devil in human form as pretty scary. I am sure many of you will agree with me. I also am slightly fascinated with the idea of the devil. I also found that I was frightened in the way that the murder victims were slaughtered. I usually am okay with the description that Tess usually gives, but this time, I was HORRIFIED. I do not want to give anything away so I will leave it at that, just thinking about it sends shivers to my spine.

There were some backgrounds stories with Jane and Maura that I would like to discuss. Firstly, can I just say that Angela Harmon is a PERFECT Jane Rizzoli on TNT and that Sasha Alexandra who plays Maura Isles on TNT is gorgeous.  Anyway, back to the story. I felt so sorry for Maura. Unrequited love; to put it blatantly, it is horrible. I hope that she doesn’t break up with the priest whose name I have forgotten in her next books. She is so lonely and sad, a very unhealthy combination. And then there is Jane, oh Janey, gotta love her for telling her father off after he committed adultery, I liked how she attacked her father’s mistress. There was A LOT of scandal in this book and rightly so.

Overall it was excellent, the descriptions gripped me and surprisingly, I learnt a lot. J Thanks soo much for reading, it was AHMAZING!!

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Confessions of a bookworm…

By the time you read this you MAY be my 100th viewer!!!!! I know, I never thought I would receive this much attention and I have only been posting for a week and a bit 🙂

So, it’s probably going to take me a whole week to read the book that I want to write a book review. Partially because of school and homework and also because I am afraid that once I start reading the book, then I will not be able to stop. My mom was subject to this a couple of days ago. It took her the whole day to finish reading it and then she was left crestfallen the next day. As time goes by, she reads more and more books from her favorite authors and then one day she will be like me, waiting months for the next book to come out.  I understand that she just couldn’t stop, books are capable of that sort of magic, but now she has nothing to look forward to after a hard day’s work. I personally find nothing more enjoyable than listening to the radio and reading to my heart’s content. Its…relaxing. Well, unless it’s a 30 page essay on quantum physics which I will never be able to comprehend. So, I will try and keep you all updated on my reading escapade and cannot wait to give you a review!!!

Thanks for reading!

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Happy, happy times :)

Hi everyone 🙂

Right now, for some unknown reason, I am very happy. Maybe it’s because my stomach ache has dissapeared and that I am not sniffling or coughing. Maybe it’s because I just got a 47 out of 50 in a practice drivers test, or maybe its because all the pain medication is working!!! Anyway, the real reason I am writing today is because I have chosen my new book. I am really excited to read this one especially. It’s called The Memphisto Club and it is a murder mystery. I love Tess Gerritsen books, the way she writes is so beautiful. I am often shivering or hiding underneath my covers after reading a chapter of her masterpieces. I would also warn you that this book is ABSOLUTELY not reccomended for younger children, there is alot of violence and she can be very vivid in her descriptions . But go can go ahead, unless you don’t want to have nightmares… On a more happier note it’s Saturday, which finally means I can have some hot chocolate , open a book next to the fireplace and read to my hearts content… 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!!!!!!

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What kinds of books do you like to read?

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I am officially stuck and have nothing important to say. I am suffering from a horrible cough and not to mention my writers block. Today we had to write an essay in my English class and everyone was writing reams and reams of analytical reasoning. I, on the other hand, only wrote two pages. Imagine what authors must go through… I, myself have attempted to dabble in the art of writing. Sadly, I often forget to save my masterpieces and they usually get erased via those pesky viruses. Imagine writing a 10  page essay on Industrilization and then loosing it!!! I would probably start to cry. All of that hard effort for nothing.

I wonder how authors figure out all the characters. Personally if I ever actually stuck to writing a book, I would have a character the total opposite of me. I’d call her Zara and she would be a tomboy and she would have green eyes and auburn hair and she would have a tattoo. (Not too scandalous, I think.) The best part of being an author is creating your own world. You control every aspect of what happens. Kind of like Sims! I just love the idea of actually controling something, if it be a imaginary world, so be it. Writing stories, unlike our future have a definite end and we can choose ultimately what happens. Now THAT is what makes writing one of the best things…


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The Tale of the Three Brothers.

This is the LAST and FINAL post that I will EVER do related to Harry Potter. It’s with a sad, sad heart that I bring you to  the final amd most amazing tale yet. The story is probably one that many of you Potter Fans or people who have watched The Deathly Hallows part 1 would know. It’s when Hermione describes the story in a cool animation (this is for the movie, NOT the book) at the Lovegoods House. For those who have only read the book, it’s when Harry, Ron and Hermione visit the Lovegoods house after seeing a interesting symbol that Mr. Lovegood wore to Bill Weasley’s wedding. It will take way too long to summarize it so i’ll let Hermione describe the tale…


So, you probably want my verdict? Well here it is… I would rate it a 6/5. A six you say? Yes, a six. I just love how it works into the books and the movie and how amazing it would be to have those powers. Imagine living your life invisible, or having the most powerful wand of all time or bringing the life back from the dead. The idea is so awe inspiring, and yet so scary. Imagine having all the power in the world and what would you do about it. I would probally get really bored after a while…

So, there it is, the last book of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I loved each and everyone of these books. Each had their own message to say and they all achieved in bringing that message forward. Well done JK. Rowling on a fantastic series on short stories. I can not wait to read them again and again. She has written other side books based on the world of Harry Potter, if you are interested, their names are:

  • Quidditch Through the Ages
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Over and out!!! 🙂


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